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Welcome to EuroTaste Grill Bankstown! Our founder has always had the passion for the art of cooking, be it from when he prepared meals for himself or for his loving family. The passion was always there, just waiting to be revealed to the world. So, the founder decided to make that passion a reality in establishing the EuroTaste brand. The first entry being EuroTaste Café is located at the Little Saigon Plaza. This gave the opportunity to really develop his skills as a fledgling small business owner and a restaurant chef. The founder enjoyed providing quality food and service through the help of his team and being a wonderful addition to the Bankstown community.


EuroTaste’s Grill is located at Little Saigon Plaza, G205/462 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSW. Being seven minutes away from the station and surrounded by easy access parking spots makes EuroTaste’s Grill a great choice for dinner. Here is an interactive map to help you!



The ambiance, the service, and the absolutely tastiest food all added to the 5-star experience at Eurotaste Grill.
I recommend this place to everyone! It’s that good!
— Sidra Rasheed
Service was excellent! Beef ribs was amazing! make sure you order the full rack so you can share it because it was absolute heavenly! definitely will come back again
— Ramil Bautista