Pasta Day!


Pasta is a dish that everyone can get behind. Every pasta dish no matter the ingredients always bring a smile on everyone’s faces. So, its only natural that it has a day that celebrations the dish worldwide. Originating approximately around 1154 in Sicily in Italy, pasta itself was first made with durum wheat flour dough mixed into water or eggs and then crafted into various shapes. These days, pasta has really become a staple of Italian cooking and loved the world over with different recipes used to craft them as well as recipes involving it. The already existing pastas at Eurotaste’s Grill are just our way of express our love about pasta daily, so we wanted to make World Pasta Day special with three unique pasta dishes on sale for $16. These dishes, covering beef, chicken, and vegetarian respectively are just our way of attempting to represent what pasta means to all of us!

The three Special Pastas for today are:

Roasted Chicken Ravioli covered with basil pesto sauce
Our delectable chicken and garlic ravioli drizzled with our specially made basil pesto sauce with chunks of freshly roasted chicken thrown in to the mix.

Spinach Ravioli with Ricotta Cheese and basil pesto sauce topped by a hint of cream
Our fantastic spinach and ricotta filled ravioli combined with our basil pesto sauce does wonders while being accompanied with our fresh vine ripened chunks of tomato, topped with a hint of cream to complete the dish.

Beef Ravioli covered in Bolognese sauce with hints of Chilli.
Our tender Australian beef ravioli parcels which have been marinated and covered in our amazing Bolognese sauce with flakes of chilli on top to complete the dish.

Enjoy these dishes only on Pasta Day @ Eurotaste Grill